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Could some parts of Metro Vancouver see snow flurries this week?'re saying there's a chance?

The Metro Vancouver weather forecast includes temperatures and precipitation levels close to seasonal averages this week, offering a respite from extreme cold and torrential rain.

But places at higher elevations may see some wet snow, while places at sea level have a slim chance of seeing any mixed precipitation. 

Environment Canada meteorologist Armel Castellan told V.I.A. that the Lower Mainland is experiencing a return to more "vanilla" weather, meaning that there isn't the possibility for soaring highs or bone-chilling cold in the next 10 days or so.

Starting Monday night, V.I.A.'s Downtown Centre Weatherhood station includes a high of 8 C and a low of 4 C, which is somewhat higher than other places across the region. Ladner's weather station, for example, shows a much cooler high of 6 C and a low of 2 C. 

While Tuesday should see some bright sunshine during the day, clouds are expected to roll in later in the evening, bringing showers to the region.

Places at higher elevations, including local mountains, the British Properties, and SFU, may see some mixed precipitation, explained Castellan. 

Metro Vancouver weather forecast: Are flurries possible at sea level?

The weather department hopes something will materialize this week in the mountains because the snowpack is well below the seasonal average, putting many places at risk of wildfires in the summer. 

If snow does materialize in lower elevations, it would likely appear as "wet flakes" and "nothing dramatic," Castellan emphasized. There would also need to be a great deal of precipitation in the mountains to lower the freezing level enough for folks to see it close to sea level. 

Most Metro Vancouverites likely won't see any thick precipitation since arctic air is typically required to allow the freezing level to stay low enough for a snow event in most places. 

"It looks pretty benign," he noted, adding that the "North Shore Mountains may see a dusting and SFU might see a rain/snow mix."

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