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Check out these stunning fog photos from West Vancouver

An amateur photographer says her instincts told her she needed to get to Ambleside during a recent foggy spell across the Lower Mainland

When fog blanketed the Lower Mainland earlier this week, amateur photographer Neela Falconer felt an irresistible urge to get over to the North Shore.

The former West Vancouver resident, who now lives in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood, is very glad she listened to her instincts.

“I used to live in Ambleside, loved the foggy mornings and the magic they bring by the ocean,” Falconer said about the call she heard to get over to West Vancouver. “I listened to it, and was rewarded.”

The fog photos were taken Wednesday, Nov. 29, from the Ambleside area, as well as the lookout on Cypress Bowl Road. Falconer captured the images with a Canon EOS 90D camera (the “best birthday gift ever from my boyfriend this year”).

Falconer said she loves observing nature and capturing its beauty.

“My friends call me Neela National Geographic,” she said. “I just love people, nature, animals, beauty and sharing it all through photography.”