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Safety alert: Canada-wide recall for Ikea mirrors due to injury hazard

Take down the mirror if you have one.

Have you purchased a mirror from B.C.'s biggest Swedish retailer?

Health Canada warns that a type of mirror sold at Ikea is being recalled from the marketplace because it may fall from the wall and cause an injury.

The Ikea Lettan mirrors can be mounted on a wall either horizontally or vertically with plastic fittings. However, some of the attachments "appear to be breaking, which could lead to the mirrors falling, posing an injury hazard," according to a recall notification posted Wednesday, Sept. 13.

As of Aug. 29, no injuries have been reported to the company in Canada. Globally, Ikea has received 65 incidents of mirrors falling "due to what appear to be breaking wall fittings." Minor property damage and one minor injury have been reported.

The following products are included in this recall:

  • All Lettan mirror sizes with a date stamp before and including 2105  (YYWW)
  • All Lettan mirror sizes with supplier number 21944 and a date stamp before and including 2325  (YYWW)

The date stamp (YYWW) is a four-digit code where YY are the last two digits of the year, and WW is the week number. The date stamp and supplier number can be found on a label on the back of the mirror.

What you should do

Immediately stop using the recalled Lettan mirrors. If you own one, you can order replacement wall fittings for free. You may also return the mirror to Ikea for a refund; a receipt is not required. 

For more information, contact Ikea by phone toll-free at 1-800-661-9807, Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST, or visit the company's website.