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B.C. nurse suspended six months for $23K time theft

A Victoria nurse submitted time sheets for unworked hours and falsified the name and signature of the authorizing charge nurse on some of them.
Nurses and midwives in British Columbia are regulated by the B.C. College of Nurses and Midwives.

B.C.’s College of Nurses and Midwives has suspended a Victoria nurse for six months after finding they were submitting time sheets for hours they had not worked.

In a May 13 public notice, a college inquiry committee panel said Kennedy Baker had committed the infraction between September and December 2022.

The notice said Baker was not only submitting time sheets for hours of work that they did not work but also falsifying the name and signature of the authorizing charge nurse on some of their time sheets.

“In so doing, the registrant was paid approximately $23,262 for hours that they did not work,” the notice said.

The panel said Baker has voluntarily agreed to discipline, including a six-month registration suspension, a public reprimand and remedial education on topics covering professional responsibility and accountability. They must also complete a comprehensive ethics course.

The college is currently one of 18 regulatory bodies empowered under the Health Professions Act to regulate health professions in B.C. It regulates the practice of four distinct professions: nursing, practical nursing, psychiatric nursing and midwifery. 

Similar legislation in other self-regulated areas such as the legal and notary public professions also allows citizens to know about discipline issues in the public interest.

“The inquiry committee is satisfied that the terms will protect the public,” the college said.