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B.C. judge may force kidnapping accused to attend court

Duoth Techen Garkouth, 19, has refused to leave his cell for video court appearances five or six times.
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Provincial court Judge Harbans Dhillon said a man refusing to leave his cell to attend court may be forced to attend.

A man allegedly involved in a violent home invasion has repeatedly refused to leave his cell for video court appearances, a Vancouver Provincial Court judge heard May 14.

Richmond's Ramadhan Ibrahim Hussein and Duoth Techen Garkouth, 19, allegedly broke into a Vancouver residence on March 11, 2023 and kidnapped and confined four people against their will. The victims were driven outside of Vancouver and held hostage for a period of time, police said.

Both face charges of breaking and entering and kidnapping. The Vancouver Police Department said a 17-year-old youth from Surrey faces the same charges.

Garkouth is also facing five charges of breach of release orders, one count of breach of probation and one count of breach of a recognizance.

Garkouth was to appear in before Judge Harbans Dhillon May 14 but refused to leave his cell for the video appearance.

Dhillon heard Garkouth has now refused five or six times.

The judge said she was open to making an extraction order, meaning he would be removed from his cell and made to attend court.

She said Garkouth should be informed of that possibility.

He is now expected to attend court on May 21.

Ibrahim Hussein did make an appearance by video and was put over to the same day.

Ibrahim-Hussein and the 17-year-old were arrested in Surrey on April 3. Garkouth was arrested on April 10 in New Westminster.

The three accused remain in custody.