Richmond engineer turned baker took a leap of faith in career change

“I remember when I was in Grade 5, I even asked for an emulsion blender … for my birthday.”

 Despite a long-time career in the engineering industry, Eric Ho has never forgotten his first love and passion – baking.

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 Ho, a Richmond resident and owner of Little Fox Bakery, was a successful engineer for 13 years before he made the courageous career switch to pursue his passion in culinary arts.

 “Towards the end of my 13 years, I kind of felt I was losing my interest in the field and struggled for nine months with myself wondering if I should leave or not for baking,” said Ho, adding he had been managing his own engineering design firm for five years at the time.

 Work-related travel to Paris each year, said Ho, gave him exposure to European cuisine and “broadened (his) views and interest in French pastries.”

 His travels, however, were not what pushed him to switch industries; rather, it was a growing interest since he was a child.

 Ho told the Richmond News that he has always loved baking and cooking since he was young and would always watch cooking shows on TV after school.

 After leaving his engineering career, Ho studied at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, with no experience in the food industry, and opened up his first bakery in Vancouver shortly after graduation.

 However, he sold the bakery after four years when his wife had a job change in 2018, which allowed Ho to open up his current shop, Little Fox Bakery, closer to home in Richmond.

Little Fox Bakery, which is located inside President Plaza, is known for their homemade croissants and was inspired from a plush toy fox Ho and his wife came across on their trip to Paris a few years ago.

“When I decided to take the plunge, I (knew I) was going to be okay if I failed because at least I knew I tried,” said Ho.

“I probably would’ve gone back to engineering if the baking route didn’t follow through … but what I’m doing now is built on the experience from having my own engineering firm in the past and I’m thankful for it.”

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