Richmond cafe makes ice cream treats from fresh soy milk

A new independent cafe focused on using fresh-made soy milk to make treats has just opened in Richmond.

Soytalk, on the No. 3 Road side of Parker Place, has been in their soft opening phase for about a week.

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The business uses Japanese technology for making their soy milk, which is sold by the bottle in plain or other flavours, like black sesame.

In addition to the soy milk, Soytalk has sweet and savoury pressed sandwiches made using soy milk bread – bread where soy milk stands in for the typical dairy milk in the recipe.

Their sandwiches come in options such as Nutella Boba or Tuna and cheese.

Perhaps the highlight at Soytalk, however, is their soy milk soft serve.

Currently available in just two flavours, original and black sesame, the slightly icy and gently sweet soft serve is swirled into a standard size cup and topped – as a standard – with a unique combo of red bean tapioca pearls, and a crunchy mix of seaweed and finely shredded roasted soy beans.

Three other soy milk ice creams are on the menu – matcha, mango and chocolate. However, they will be released later, seasonally.

While you can find soy-based ice creams at grocery stores, this may very well be the first place in Metro Vancouver where their in-house ice cream is made solely with a soy milk base.

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