Richmond bubble tea spot hopes to bring luck for tea lovers

You don’t need much luck finding bubble tea shops in Richmond, but a new shop may bring you good fortune with its 50 lucky cats.

Money Tea, an independent bubble tea store at Continental Shopping Centre strip mall, opened its doors two months ago.

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Money Tea has its own culture and beliefs — hoping to bring good fortune and luck to anyone who visits the store, said Jian Zhou, the store owner.

About 50 cat figurines are perched quietly on store shelves, their paws raised as if they are signalling wealth and prosperity to shoppers.

“If you’ve ever visited a Chinese or Japanese restaurant, you might have probably noticed a lucky cat sitting by the cash register or business entrances,” said Zhou, adding that all lucky cats displayed at his store are from Japan.

According to Zhou, there are different colour variations of lucky cats, and they each have a special meaning.

For example, the white lucky cat symbolizes happiness and positive things to come; the gold cat will bring people wealth and the red is for success in love and relationships.

Zhou got hooked on bubble tea and fortune cats on his travels to Japan where bubble tea spots have exploded in popularity.

Money Tea is now gearing up to offer milk tea with a wide selection of toppings like tapioca and jellies. 

The eatery also features French toast stuffed with pudding filling and honey Castella cakes.

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