New Richmond steak menu reunites chefs

Two chefs reunited to collaborate on a steak menu for Canadian restaurants, starting with Richmond.

Stephen Clark, executive chef of CHOP Steakhouse, and Alex Chen, executive chef of Boulevard, recently launched their new Steak Masters menu at the Richmond CHOP Steakhouse and Bar.

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The pair first met while working at the Wedgewood Hotel in Vancouver two decades ago.

And when both chefs were given the “okay” to showcase an all-steak menu in November, Clark and Chen got to work and had the dishes in the kitchen by January.

The finalized menu features steak tartare, sirloin cap picahna, tomahawk, and a pineapple upside-down cake.

“Steak tartare is a pretty classic thing for us to have on the menu and the picahna is like (a dish) ready for summer barbecue,” said Clark, adding that Chen has a “real big thing” for outdoor barbecue these days.

“Tomahawk was just a go big or go home.”

Both agreed that they share similar “philosophies” and “palates” in the kitchen, which created a work environment with good energy.

“I couldn’t wait to work with him to create this menu that celebrates steak as much as it does our 20-year history together in the kitchen,” said Chen, adding that it was easy to work with Clark despite working in different restaurants.

“It’s always tough when we both represent different brands, but it was such a great collaboration.”

Clark said he “hopes Richmond sees (CHOP) as their steakhouse” and that the "feature tells people how seriously (they) take steak and how not very seriously (they) take (themselves).”

The Steak Masters menu is only available in Richmond until April 7.

Clark and Chen’s “steak excellence” menu will be launching in Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg throughout the year.

CHOP Steakhouse
CHOP Steakhouse's tomahawk dish for two. Photo submitted

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