Celebrating National Fried Chicken Day in Richmond

Richmond is not short of restaurants and snack shops when it comes to food and especially when it comes to fried chicken.

National Friday Chicken Day is celebrated every year on July 6 and is observed by feasting at nearby restaurants, home or outdoor picnics, according to National Day Calendar.

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Fried chicken was first popularized by the Scottish and was considered a delicacy that was served only on special occasions prior to World War Two.

Here is a list of places specializing in fried chicken in Richmond:

  • L.A. Chicken
  • Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
  • Cocoru Beer and Chicken
  • Monga Fried Chicken
  • Win Win Chick-N
  • Flying Chicken
  • Chirpyhut Fried Chicken
  • Church’s
  • KFC

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