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'Be extra careful': Police warns of top 3 collision hotspots in Richmond

Most crashes happened on Fridays: Richmond RCMP
The intersection at Alderbridge Way and Shell Road is one of the areas with the highest volume of crashes, according to Richmond RCMP. Google Maps screenshot

Police are asking drivers to “be extra careful and patient” when driving at or near Richmond areas with an uptick in crashes.

According to Richmond RCMP, the top three high-volume collision areas in Richmond are:

  • Shell Road at Alderbridge Way
  • Intersections along Blundell Road at No. 4 and 5 roads
  • Steveston Highway west of Highway 99


Cpl. Dennis Hwang, Richmond RCMP spokesperson, told the Richmond News the trend has been happening since September, but officers “did not find any reason for the uptick.”

He added that Friday is the most frequent day for collisions to happen in the three areas, and most happened between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

ICBC crash data shows the Shell Road and Alderbridge Way intersection has the third-highest number of crashes in the city between 2018 and 2022 with 531 crashes recorded.

During the same period, more than 500 crashes were recorded near Steveston Highway and Highway 99, and more than 200 were recorded between No. 4 and 5 roads along Blundell Road.

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