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18 Richmond drivers caught in one hour in bus-only lane

Drivers were caught “cheating” and bypassing traffic on Highway 99 by Transit Police and BC Highway Patrol.
Metro Vancouver Transit Police and BC Highway Patrol caught 18 drivers using the designated bus lane on Highway 99 to bypass rush hour traffic. Transit Police photo

Eighteen drivers were ticketed $109 each on Wednesday morning for driving in a bus-only lane in Richmond.

Police caught the drivers using designated bus lanes to bypass traffic during a one-hour operation on Highway 99.

To catch “cheating” motorists using the highway’s designated bus lane during rush hour, Metro Vancouver Transit Police’s mobile enforcement team partnered with BC Highway Patrol for the early-morning operation.

"Does your partner know you're a cheater!?" reads Transit Police's post on social media platform X about the operation.

Following “several complaints” from bus operators, the officers were stationed at Highway 99 and Cambie Road to catch drivers in the bus lane, according to Const. Amanda Steed, Transit Police spokesperson.

The 18 tickets added up to $1,962 in fines.

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