Walk4Water: an exercise of empathy in Steveston next month

Acts for Water is hosting an “exercise of empathy” event called Walk4Water in Steveston to have fun while sharing knowledge about the lack of clean water in Uganda.

Attendees will meet at the Garry Point memorial structure with jerry cans and will proceed to walk about one kilometer to a water hole, fill up the cans and walk back – a total of just under three kilometers round-trip.

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Adults are encouraged to carry a reasonable weight without injuring themselves, while kids can hold an empty jerry can.

Jeff Golby, CEO of Acts for Water, is encouraging the public to come out and attend this meaningful event to raise awareness.

“Sometimes (the world) feels really big and it’s hard to understand what it is that people go through everyday overseas,” said Golby, adding that it is a unique opportunity to actually “feel at least something of what our friends in Uganda feels” to get water each day.

He hopes the public can connect in a way as “they feel the weight of water and the process” that many Ugandans feel as they collect water from streams.

“I hope that connection inspires them to take some form of action, even if that action is gratitude,” he added.

The event will go on rain or shine from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sept. 8.

Acts for Water is an organization that has been doing fundraisers for clean and accessible water for the past 29 years.

For more information visit https://acts.ca/walkforwater/

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