Richmond nutritional gummy maker shifts to green packaging

Herbaland Naturals, a Richmond-based nutritional gummy manufacturer, announced Sunday it will use compostable packaging for its best-selling Vegan Protein Gummies products to replace traditional plastic bags.

"Although we have had recyclable packaging for several years, we know that is not enough to curb the global waste crisis," said Musharaf Syed, Herbaland CEO.

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"We need to push the boundaries, to do more – and compostable packaging was the answer for us."

The breakdown of the compostable packaging takes between three to four months while traditional petroleum-based plastics takes up to 500 years, according to the company.

Based off last year's sales of Vegan Protein Gummies, Herbaland estimates that this change will eliminate around 1,000 pounds of plastic from the landfills.

"We know how important this issue is to our customers because this issue is important to us,"

"We are dedicated to being a part of the solution. We are excited to be one of the first companies in the nutraceutical space to make this commitment,” said Syed.

Herbaland is also working towards an eco-friendly solution for its vitamin bottles, which the company hopes to launch in Summer 2019.

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