Richmond-based company takes part in new contact tracing tech

Vantage Technology, located in east Richmond, partnered with New-York-based VivaTrace to create a digital contact tracing system that can quickly retrace the path of a COVID-19 infected individual.

According to Vantage, the system will be implemented into a wearable bracelet and will be able to track who the infected person came in contact with and the duration they were exposed in seconds without any interviewing necessary.

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Nursing homes and senior living communities have the most vulnerable population, and the system can help save on costs, response time and manual reporting efforts in these high-risk areas, according to a media statement from the two companies.

“Operators can leverage this unique capability to instantly identify every resident, employee and visitor who may have been exposed,” read the statement.

Philip Edgell, president of Vantage, said it is important to provide organizations working with the most vulnerable population the “quality care technology they desperately need” during a time when personal relationships matter the most.

Alex Gargovsky, CEO of VivaTrace, said most senior living facilities were concerned for the safety of everyone who works and visits the care home.

“It is our mission to safely reunite residents with the activities and people that they love, which is why we’ve partnered with Vantage,” said Gargovsky.

The system is being tested in a dementia care facility in the U.S., but is expected to roll out in other facilities next year.

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