Business Excellence Awards: Steveston Harbour charts course in leadership

Leadership comes in many forms and when it comes to displaying that in Richmond, the Steveston Harbour Authority (SHA) charts the course in both the business world and the community it serves. For that, it is this year’s Leadership of the Year award winner.

Since it was established, the SHA — a private, non-profit organization that runs Steveston Harbour, Canada’s largest commercial fishing harbour — has developed policies and procedures that have spread through our involvement in the Harbour Authority Association of British Columbia to become standard models for most of the 54 harbours along the B.C. coast.

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It has also helped pioneer in B.C. a fishing net recycling program that has helped change attitudes in the treatment of old and disused nets, transforming them from an environmental problem to a recyclable solution.

“Steveston Harbour Authority is honoured to have been awarded the Richmond Chamber of Commerce Business Leadership of the Year Award,” said SHA general manager Bob Baziuk. “Steveston Harbour is a pivotal part of the community of Steveston and Richmond as a whole and, as such, we have always striven to act as a good corporate citizen in a variety of ways — something we have inherently built into our business model.”

Baziuk added that the harbour authority has also believed that it’s important to share its policies, methodologies and successes with other organizations so that these successes can be repeated elsewhere to the benefit of all.

“We are humbled by this prestigious distinction by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce and the greater Richmond community and wish to extend our sincere thanks to the chamber and to all of the other businesses in Richmond that are doing such amazing work,” he said.

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