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Vancouver man hospitalized after asking gym user to wear a mask

After being punched numerous times the victim fell and hit his head on an exercise machineĀ 
A man was sent to hospital earlier this week after being assaulted by a man who refused to put on a mask.

A Vancouver man was taken to hospital after being assaulted when he asked another gym user to put on a mask.

According to a release from the Vancouver Police Department, the assault occurred on Wednesday, Feb. 7 at a downtown fitness facility. A man asked another gym patron to put on a mask, the customer refused and left the gym. Witnesses say the maskless patron later returned to confront the victim, pushing and punching him numerous times. As he fell to the ground, the victim hit his head on an exercise machine.

Police were called to the gym where they arrested the man who was still inside the gym. The victim was taken to the hospital where he received 12 stitches for a head wound. Charges of assault causing bodily harm are being recommended.

Current public health orders state that while indoor group high-intensity exercise is not allowed, low-intensity workouts are permitted so long as they have an updated COVID-19 safety plan following public health measures.