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Vancouver man caught with BB gun on bus gets 1 day in jail

Breaching a probation condition resulted in a man once found with a BB gun on a bus being sentenced to one day in custody considered served in the courtroom Feb. 2.
A man allegedly found carrying a BB gun on a Vancouver bus was sentenced to one day in custody for breaching a probation order.

A man reported for seemingly having a gun while on a Vancouver bus has received a one-day sentence for breaching probation.

Steven Lee Thomas Pratt appeared before Vancouver Provincial Court Judge Gregory Rideout on Feb. 2, charged with breach of a probation order, having another’s identity document without lawful excuse and unauthorized use of credit card data.

Pratt pleaded guilty to the breach and ID offences.

Rideout heard of one incident where Pratt was allegedly seen waving a firearm around. A BB gun was located nearby, and Pratt had a knife, putting him in contravention of a court order.

On Nov. 18, Rideout was told, a bus passenger saw what appeared to be a gun in the waistband of Pratt’s pants. Police were called and found a BB gun and multiple ID documents.

Crown prosecutor Judith Riddle said Pratt was not charged for the BB gun. He was, however, charged for breaching release and probation conditions.

Rideout sentenced Pratt to one day for the breach “to be served in the courtroom” as well as nine months probation.

Pratt is barred from having any weapons, including compressed air or BB guns. He also can't have knives except for food preparation or work.

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