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Vancouver arborist retrieves girl’s Christmas gift and her reaction is adorable (VIDEO)

*Content warning: the video you are about to see is extremely wholesome*
Rescuing drone Vancouver
Dan Holliday runs both Grizzly tree experts and Recently his skills were called on to retrieve a girl's drone that was stuck in a tree.

When Emma got her drone stuck in a tree while filming the English Bay Barge she might have thought she would never fly it again.

Fortunately for Emma, her dad contacted award-winning arborist Dan Holliday and he stepped 70 feet into the air to rescue it. An arborist for 18 years it was hardly Holliday's first rodeo having rescued many drones and cats from trees around Vancouver.

Holliday took his own video of the rescue which offers a unique view over Sunset Beach and the first-person view of Emma’s reaction when she was reunited with the drone.

"I was just like, so happy that I could help her out,” Holliday said in a recent interview with Vancouver Is Awesome. “I don't know if they just imagined that they wouldn't be able to get it back again. So it probably went from like a terrible day to then just a few days later the best day."

As if that wasn’t enough, once Holliday delivered the drone to an ecstatic Emma, her father offered to pay for Holliday’s hard work – which he refused. The money was likely turned into a hot chocolate for Emma as could be heard in the final moments of the video. 

Holliday owns an arborist company called Grizzly tree experts as well as, a free resource to learn new climbing and rigging techniques for professional arborists.