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Pigeon politely commutes via Vancouver's SkyTrain (VIDEO)

What's the fare for urban wildlife again?

A polite pigeon caught the eye of a commuter on the SkyTrain today.

The bird was caught on camera quietly perched on the back part of a seat, watching the world speed by outside the train's window. During the 20-second video, it doesn't move much, just bobs its head a bit. To be fair, it probably doesn't feel that fast for the pigeon.

No word on where it disembarked, perhaps Van-COO-ver City Centre?

Early bird catches the train to get the worm from r/vancouver

The clip, posted by NeatoPurrito on Reddit, quickly drew funny comments from the community, with references to songs (like Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles or Journey's Don't Stop Believing) and questions about how it got off.

"On his /her way to work. CoL is so bad in Vancouver that pigeons need to have a 9-5," Thoughtulism wrote.

“Here comes that creepy guy who sits inappropriately close...I feel like a sitting duck,” wrote ghrant.

"Excuse me where's his mask," asked holyshamoley.

"One of those bird brained anti-maskers I bet," replied clinically_proven.


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