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Owners of Abbotsford’s Castle Fun Park find a funny side to recent flooding

The letter otherwise offered heartfelt thanks and condolences
Castle Fun Park flooded
The Wiebe family, owners of Abbotsford's Castle Fun Park offered thanks and condolences following the recent flooding which have left the theme park largely underwater.

In light of flooding that has left much of Abbotsford underwater, the owners of a local theme park penned a letter to the community offering thanks and condolences with a lighthearted twist.

The Wiebe family which has owned Castle Fun Park for over 32 years started off by thanking fans for their support and encouragement.

“We are saddened by the struggles in our community and province at this time,” the letter reads. “Thank you to all the amazing first responders, rescuers, volunteers, and our community leaders, for the incredible work being done to get us through this.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbours in the Sumas Prairie in this time of loss, as well as the communities throughout BC who are affected.”

The letter then takes a “glass half full” look at the situation, encouraging readers to remember faith, optimism and even moments of laughter before adding: 

“We have three underwater mini golf courses now!”

“We look forward to rebuilding and serving you once again as a place to get away and have fun! Our best wishes to you and yours,” the letter concludes.