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BC NDP takes $800,000 more in donations than Liberals between June and September

B.C. parties must file donation reports to receive annual allowances
John Horgan
Premier John Horgan. The BC NDP Party received $1,957,937 in donations between June and September, while the Liberals took in $1,150,692

B.C.’s NDP took in more than $800,000 more in donations than the B.C. Liberals between June and September, providing a greater war chest for the October snap election, Elections BC documents show.

The NDP received $1,957,937, while the Liberals took in $1,150,692. The BC Green party was well behind with $327,453 in donations, figures released Nov. 3 show.

The donations all come from individuals after the NDP banned corporate or union donations.

The interim documentation must report political contributions accepted during the interim reporting period, transfers of money or other property or services given or received during the period and prohibited political contributions received during the interim reporting period but returned to the contributor or paid to the chief electoral officer.

Elections BC noted registered political parties eligible to receive an annual allowance must file quarterly interim financial reports with the chief electoral officer.

Those allowances for 2020 are based on the valid votes cast in the 2017 provincial general election.
Elections BC said three registered political parties are eligible to receive an annual allowance this year and must file interim financial reports.