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Avalanche control work in northern B.C. nets '2 for 1 deal' (VIDEO)

Two separate avalanches were set off Monday during avalanche mitigation work in northern B.C.

The sheer power of avalanches is on full display in a recent video from northern B.C. posted to the Ministry of Transportation's social media.

On Monday, ministry crews set off an avalanche on Highway 37 to control the avalanche risk along the highway. But the charge set off two separate avalanches, causing a massive amount of snow to slide across the highway.

“Looks like both guys went pretty well here,” a man can be heard saying on a radio in the video.

As the avalanches run out to the highway, a massive cloud of snow is thrown up hundreds of feet in the air.

“2 for 1 deal ... One charge took out two avalanche paths during control work at the Snowbank Avalanche Area on #BCHwy37 on Monday, burying the closed highway before cleanup and reopening,” the Ministry's Twitter post said.

Highway 37 runs more than 700 kilometres from Kitwanga, B.C. to the Yukon-B.C. border. Monday's slide occurred about 42 kilometres south of Bob Quinn Lake.

Highway crews across B.C. periodically close high mountain passes for several hours to drop charges from helicopters, or shoot 105-mm Howitzer guns, to cut loose avalanches in a controlled manner.

Check out the video from Monday's work below.