City Hall Galleria displays Richmond’s ‘scenic impressions’

A new exhibition, "Joselito Macapagal: Scenic Impressions Scenic Impressions", is being displayed at the City Hall Galleria from now until June 18.

Artworks from Richmond-based artist Joselito Macapagal, who is also a retired former computer sign maker, will be showcased.

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“Richmond Art Gallery is honoured to present Joselito’s work at City Hall Galleria. His paintings of Richmond are vibrant and colourful,” said Shaun Dacey, director of Richmond Art Gallery.

“Galleria is a key space for us. It is a site for us to present the diverse range of artistic practices in Richmond. We are so proud to have the opportunity to program this space for the community.”

According to the gallery, Macapagal’s paintings use short and bold strokes, bright vibrant colours and varying textures using an Impressionist style.

“He looks to capture the essence of the subject in that moment of time and covey its beauty to the viewer,” said a gallery post.

Macapagal holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of East Manila in 1988 and moved to Canada from Manila in 1989.

The exhibition takes place at 6911 No 3 Rd.

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