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Updated: Third candidate vying for Richmond mayor's chair

The nomination period for the Oct. 15 municipal election closed at 4 p.m. Friday.
Wei Ping Chen is running to be mayor of Richmond.

Three men want to be mayor of Richmond.

Incumbent Mayor Malcolm Brodie is joined on the mayoralty ticket by Steveston resident and RITE Richmond candidate John Roston as well as Wei Ping Chen in the Oct. 15 municipal election.

As for the eight councillor seats, there are 27 candidates who’ve filed their nomination papers, including six incumbent councillors. Current Couns. Linda McPhail and Harold Steves aren't running for re-election. (See bottom of story for a list of all candidates running in the Richmond municipal election.)

For the seven school trustee spots, 15 candidates have put their name forward, including five incumbents. Current board chair Sandra Nixon and trustee Norm Goldstein aren’t running for re-election.

Richmond has several slates of candidates this year, including old ones and new ones: Richmond Community Coalition, Richmond Citizens’ Association, RITE Richmond, Richmond Education Party, Richmond United, Richmond Rise and One Richmond.

Roston is the only mayoralty candidate who’s running on a slate, whereas Brodie and Chen are running independently.

Richmond United has candidates who ran previously with Richmond First and Richmond Community Coalition. McPhail was previously listed as a Richmond United candidate but later decided to drop out citing health reasons.

One high profile name on the council candidate list is former solicitor-general Kash Heed, who has joined forces with former councillor Derek Dang under the party name Richmond Rise. Heed told the Richmond News he was approached last winter to run for mayor, but he didn’t think he could beat Brodie, so instead decided to run for city council.

Richmond Community Coalition, which Coun. Chak Au belongs to, is running both council candidates as well as school board candidates.

Steves ran previously with the Richmond Citizens’ Association, and this slate is running four candidates this election.

The former slate Richmond First no longer exists but some of its former candidates are running with other groups.

Coun. Bill McNulty, who was one of the key players in the Richmond First slate, is running with a banner of One Richmond along with another incumbent, Coun. Alexa Loo.

The nomination period for candidates ended at 4 p.m. Friday. Candidates have until Friday, Sept. 16 to withdraw their nominations.

Candidates for mayor

Malcolm Brodie (independent)

Wei Ping Chen (independent)

John Roston (RITE Richmond)

Candidates for councillor

Chak Au (Richmond Community Coalition)

Adil Awan (independent)

Chai Chung (independent)

Derek Dang (Richmond RISE)

Carol Day (RITE Richmond)

Jerome Dickey (RITE Richmond)

Evan Dunfee (independent)

Mohamud Ali Farah (independent)

Laura Gillanders (RITE Richmond)

Bill Han (independent)

Kash Heed (Richmond RISE)

Sunny Ho (independent)

Andy Hobbs (Richmond United)

Mark Lee (Richmond Citizens' Association)

Alexa Loo (ONE Richmond)

Bill McNulty ONE Richmond)

Rahim Othman (Richmond Community Coalition)

Dennis Page (independent)

Keefer Pelech (Richmond Citizens' Association)

Jasmine Piao (independent)

Sheldon Starrett (Richmond Community Coalition)

Jack Trovato (Richmond Citizens' Association)

Michael Wolfe (RITE Richmond)

Elsa Wong (independent)

Fipe Wong (Richmond Citizens' Association)

Eric Yung (Richmond United)

Melissa Zhang (Richmond United)

School trustee candidates

Rod Belleza (Richmond Community Coalition)

Dean Billings (independent)

Chris Dinnell (Richmond Education Party)

Kay Hale (independent)

Ken Hamaguchi (Richmond Education Party)

Heather Larson (Richmond Education Party)

Richard Lee (independent)

Linda Li (Richmond Community Coalition)

Rachel Ling (Richmond Community Coalition)

Rajan Paul (independent)

Donna Sargent (Richmond United)

Andrew Scallion (Richmond Education Party)

Debbie Tablotney (Richmond Education Party)

Alice Wong (Richmond Community Coalition)

David Yang (Richmond Education Party)