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Richmond Votes 2022: Election Results

Results for the 2022 civic elections will be updated here as they are released.
Unofficial results of the 2022 Civic Elections in Richmond.

Regularly updated election results will be posted below, as the City of Richmond shares them.

Complete unofficial results can be viewed on the City of Richmond with final official results to be shared by Elections BC.

A total of 49 voting places were set up for the 2022 Civic Election in Richmond, which included 28 general voting day locations, 10 advanced voting sites and one mobile and mail voting opportunity.

Richmond saw an estimated 25 per cent voter turnout with just over 35,000 ballots cast in the 2022 municipal election. This is a drop of almost 37 per cent in voter turnout in the 2018 election.

A final declaration has yet to be made by the Chief Election Officer.


49 of 49 voting places counted

Name of Candidate Votes
Malcolm Brodie 23239
John Roston 9304
Wei Ping Chen 1859


49 of 49 voting places counted
(Note: These are the eight councillors with the most votes)

Name of Candidate Votes
Chak Au 16515
Carol Day 15737
Bill McNulty 15133
Alexa Loo 13485
Michael Wolfe 12953
Andy Hobbs 12760
Laura Gillanders 10817
Kash Heed 10563

Board of Education

49 of 49 voting places counted
(Note: These are the seven candidates with the most votes)

Name of Candidate Votes
Ken Hamaguchi 15909
Donna Sargent 13855
Alice Wong 13769
Heather Larson 13475
Debbie Tablotney 13361
David Yang 12099
Rod Belleza 11304