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Mayor candidate Roston encourages youth to pick up electoral torch

Roston received 26.5 per cent of votes from Richmond voters.
John Roston ran for the mayoral position in Richmond for the 2022 Civic Election.

“This is the start, not the end.”

Richmond’s mayoral candidate John Roston is encouraging more young people to run in elections.

Roston, while not surprised by his loss against incumbent Malcolm Brodie in the 2022 Civic Election in Richmond, hopes more younger candidates will step up to the political plate in future elections.

The RITE candidate said he was told by many young voters that they appreciated him “running so they could vote for somebody they believe in.”

“We have a lot of hope in the younger generations,” said Roston.

“In the short run, just get them out to vote. And in the long run, they will do it themselves, they will run, and this will be much better so I think.”

Roston received 26.5 per cent of votes from Richmond voters (9,304 votes.)

He also ran in the 2018 election and the 2021 by-election but lost in both.

Roston told supporters at the Richmond Curling Club, where RITE, Richmond Citizen Association and some independent candidates gathered after the polls closed, that he had never thought about running for mayor until he was approached by incumbent Carol Day, also from the RITE Slate.

“At first I thought I didn’t hear her correctly, and then I said, ‘that is crazy. It is impossible for me to beat Malcolm Brodie.’”

However, Day said it, “doesn’t matter.”

Citing veteran councillor Harold Steves, she noted that the most important part of running was “talking about the issues and giving people a chance to vote for someone they trust.”

Besides, added Roston, it’s fun.

“If anyone of you gets a chance to run, you should run, because getting out there and talking to people about the issues is actually a lot of fun,” said Roston.

-With files from Vikki Hui