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Check out this $5.9 million Disney-esque house in Vancouver (PHOTOS)

It's unclear if friendly birds will visit as well.

If you've got $6 million burning a hole in your pocket and fantasies of living in a home worthy of Cinderella (before the castle) or Alice in Wonderland, there's a home in Arbutus you should be aware of.

Built in 1933, 3894 Quesnel Dr. looks more like a stone cottage Snow White might stumble upon in the woods than a $5.888 million home in one of Vancouver's more affluent neighbourhoods.

It's not just the exterior that is reminiscent of animated films; the interior has plenty of that too. There's a fairy tale charm in the hardwood floors, wallpaper, fireplace, and cabinetry. There's even a stained glass window in one of the four bathrooms. It helps that all of this is framed by furniture that fits like a glove with the olden times' vibe.

Aside from the personality of the place, the view from the north-facing side is amazing too, most notably from the bedroom which looks out across the neighbourhood and towards the city's core.