QuickQuotes about the sentence given to Alexandre Bissonnette

QUEBEC — Some quotes related to the sentencing of Alexandre Bissonnette on Friday for the Quebec City mosque murders.


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"We know unfortunately in our society many people ... say Islamophobia does not exist — or it's a personal act, or he had some mental illness. At least the judge recognized it's a hate crime, it's racist and he came to kill these people for the only reason that they're Muslims." — Imam Hassan Guillet


"We were astonished, we were very upset after this sentence .... We don't know how he gave this sentence of 40 years." — Aymen Derbali, who was shot and left paralyzed.


"After 40 years ... very likely these orphans will still be alive, and the debate will be open again. And they will relive again what we lived today. We were wishing to have peace of mind and to have these widows and these orphans starting their life in dignity peacefully and starting a new page." — Imam Hassan Guillet


"Twenty-four months ago, on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017, you brought six of your kind to death. I say six of your kind, because regardless of our race, our colour, our origins and our religious beliefs, we all belong to the same great family and all share the same humanity." — Justice Francois Huot to Bissonnette


"Alexandre Bissonnette, your name will not be forgotten, but for the wrong reasons. Unlike your heroes, Elliott Rodger, Dylan Roof and Kip Kinkel, you will now have to answer for your actions. Your sentence will be comparable to a long, very long, journey through the desert." — Justice Francois Huot


"Through your hatred and racism, you have destroyed the lives of dozens and dozens of people, and have irretrievably ruined yours and those of your family members." Justice Francois Huot.

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