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Name: Kelly Greene

Party: BC NDP

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Occupation: City councillor

Where do you live?


Bio: Kelly Greene was born in Richmond Hospital, as were her children. Her family is happily settled in the Steveston riding and she enjoys the feeling of community in her diverse neighbourhood.

Top priorities for Richmond:

B.C. should belong to people — families, seniors, and students — not the elite and well-connected. Her first priority is, and will always be, Richmond’s residents. 

Past outstanding achievement:

In 2016, Kelly was a founder of Richmond Schools Stand United, a grassroots advocacy group that aimed to stop the outrageous school closure process enacted under the former BC Liberal government. In addition to keeping our schools open for thousands of families, RSSU set out to secure seismic remediation and protect public education. In the process, Kelly became one of B.C.’s leading education advocates. Subsequently, the BC NDP government has repaired and upgraded eight Richmond schools at a total investment of $81 million dollars.

As Richmond City Councillor, Kelly has successfully stopped mega-mansions on farmland, improved the transparency and accountability of council, increased housing affordability and championed environmental protection.

Whether residents are concerned about education, housing affordability, or an upgraded Richmond Hospital to support their loved one in their time of need, she looks forward to being their advocate in the legislature.



Name: Matt Pitcairn

Party: BC Liberal

Occupation: Resigned as president and CEO of Richmond Chamber of Commerce; now full-time candidate

Where do you live?

South Delta

Bio: Richmond born and raised; passionate about my community and helping others. Served five years as president and CEO of Richmond Chamber of Commerce; Proud father to Landon, Sawyer, Hanalei; married to Vanessa — my rock. Hobby farmer. Chef. Avid Canucks fan.

Priorities for Richmond:

1) Kickstart the economy and urgently help small businesses — we need to protect families and pay for social programs and services. The only way to do that is to make sure we have a strong economy.

2) Affordable housing — bring more rental homes and housing options to Richmond to keep families close together and create vibrant communities. I will use my experience working with different levels of government and businesses to bring about practical solutions to this issue.

3) Enhance local food security and help our farming industry prosper — We have world class soil and a proud tradition of farming. I want Richmond to be known for its strong agriculture industry.

4) Immediately start construction on the new acute care tower at the Richmond Hospital and the George Massey tunnel replacement bridge

Past outstanding achievement:

I’m proud of the eight years I served at the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, working with local businesses and the community-at-large to help support and grow our local economy to create healthy community living in Richmond.



Name: Vince Li

Party: Independent

Occupation: Educator

Where do you live?


Bio: A father of two; new immigrant; a struggling entrepreneur during the pandemic; educator and positive person with hope.

Priorities for Richmond:

Improve the education level of public and private schools, provide more online teaching resources, integrate daycare into the public education system, hold more cultural exchange activities for new immigrants, reduce and postpone taxation, help enterprises recover, increase job opportunities and increase employment rates.

I also want to enhance local food security and help our farming industry prosper. We have world-class soil and a proud tradition of farming. I want Richmond to be known for its strong agriculture industry.

Past outstanding achievement:

Back in 2016 during the Fort McMurray wildfire, I organized a donation campaign in my new immigrant community. This was my first time doing such a campaign here.

Surprisingly, within two to three days, there were hundreds of new immigrants from different communities donating 15 pickup loads worth of goods. I led the team all the way, driving to Edmonton to hand out the supplies.

That was when I first realized how willing new immigrants were to involve themselves in their community when called upon. They only need someone to tell them how. 

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