Richmond South Centre: Candidate profiles

Name: Alexa Loo

Party: BC Liberal

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Occupation: City councillor

Where do you live?


Bio: I am a mother of two boys, a two-time Olympian, a CPA, CA who is currently serving my second term as a councillor for my hometown of Richmond. With the BC Liberals, I will work for our community to be the most inclusive, safe and healthy place to grow up.

Top priorities for Richmond:

Improve healthcare: 

Get the Richmond Hospital Acute Care Tower business plan approved and built.

Improve access to doctors and programs.

Improve safety:

Increase mental health supports — to prevent homelessness and crime.


Ensuring safe, quality education.

Rebuild the economy:

Get people working and businesses going again.

Cut taxes, so more money stays in your pocket.

Past outstanding achievement:

I’m most proud of improving systems and creating foundations where everyone can thrive. During my sports career, I was instrumental in increasing funding for Canadian athletes, resulting in our most successful Olympics ever! In my council tenure, I’m most proud that I got the FOX80 car funded and operational which has resulted in: better outcomes for mentally ill patients, safer streets and more efficient use of our RCMP officers. I also worked hard to improve affordability by increasing developer-funded child care spaces and increasing built affordable housing.



Name: Henry Yao

Party: BC NDP

Occupation: Community navigator for BC211

Where do you live?


Bio: Henry Yao was born in Taiwan and lives in Richmond. He is a cancer survivor and following remission in 2009, he decided to pursue youth work. Henry led Richmond’s largest volunteer program, at the City Centre Community Centre, where he helped young adults to develop skills in career building, leadership development and community engagement.

Henry has an active membership with the Vancouver Metropolitan Lions Club, Taiwan Chamber of Commerce of BC and Richmond Chamber of Commerce.

Priorities for Richmond:

Moving forward with a new Richmond Hospital tower; supporting seismic upgrades of our local schools; promoting an economic recovery from COVID-19 that works for everyone.

Past outstanding achievement:

Recently, a young adult, with whom I worked with in the past, approached me. 

From disruptive behaviour to violent tendencies, he used to be one of the most difficult children in the youth program I used to run. I never gave up on him and fought hard to help him. When he graduated from my program, I was deeply worried for him. Recently, we connected over brunch. I was shocked to see how well he was doing. He decided to get his act together and he is now looking for ways to give back.

His transformation was a total surprise. It’s a reminder that there are lots of folks out there making positive changes for people. I am just deeply thankful to be part of the solution.

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